A Meditation to Release The Year 2020

For those of you with a regular meditation practice, you might enjoy this year-end mindfulness and stress-relief exercise. Once you are seated comfortably and have focused on your breath:

Breathe in as you turn to your thoughts and emotions of the past year.

Breathe out your judgements, feelings, and thoughts about the year in a big sigh through your mouth.

Repeat this process, breathing in to thoughts of the past year and breathing out your attachment to it.

Breathe in to thoughts and feelings of 2020.

Breathe out your stress.

Feel the tension in your body ease a little more each time that you do so.

Breathe in to your disappointment and worry.

Breathe out your struggles

Breathe in peace and tranquility...

...and breathe out the year.

Remember to bring your focus back to your breath and your body before returning your awareness to the room and opening your eyes.

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