Your Breath Is So Important

At this time of year, we all see and feel the shift in weather. While the colours of autumn may have recently brightened our view and mood, most of the leaves have now fallen and, for many of you, there is snow on the ground. The days are shorter, the temperature is colder, and the sky often grey and dreary. This makes all of us less likely to go outside, even for short periods.

It's important to note how vital it is to get fresh air, especially during this colder, darker season. Indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor air, even in large cities like Toronto and the GTA. Fresh air from outdoors can counteract all the time we spend indoors these days. It not only oxygenates the blood, it boosts your alertness, circulation, and immune system. It can even help curb the seasonal depression that comes on this time of year for so many of us.

We encourage you to make the effort to get outside

- with loved ones or solo -

and enjoy some fresh air every day.

It doesn't have to be lengthy - even 5 mins. outside can have great benefits!

Here are a few ideas on how to get more fresh air:

  • Take a walk around the block.

  • Stand on your porch, lawn, patio, driveway, or sidewalk with a hot beverage.

  • Walk to one further transit stop or station than usual.

  • Ask a friend or neighbour if you can join them when they walk their dog.

  • Walk to the mailbox to pick up your mail, instead of driving.

  • Take a walk outside at lunch or after dinner.

  • Walk to the store for quick/small shops, instead of driving.

  • Let your inner child free and play in the snow - make a snowman, snow angel, snow fort, painted snow, or engage in a snowball fight (with consent of course).

Pay attention to your breath

when you are outside.

Focus on the sensation

of your breath as it moves

in and out of your body.

Feel it

in your nostrils, throat,

lungs, and diaphragm.

Embrace gratitude

for the oxygen giving you life

and your amazing body

for unconsciously breathing for you

on its own every day and night!

For those times when you just can't make it outside, you might want to try

Genya's Breathwork class on Friday mornings.

Our student, Ro, testifies the "breathwork classes are amazing!"

Check out the class description here.

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