Caroline Dupont

Teacher & Soul Coach, M. Sc., RHN

Caroline is a soul coach, meditation & yoga teacher, and registered holistic nutritionist.

Her deep interest in physical health informed the first part of her career as an exercise physiologist and holistic nutritionist. She’s a senior instructor with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the author of 4 books on nutrition, health and spirituality. Over the past 30 years she has taught thousands of students, worked with clients individually, developed numerous courses and training programs, and led various retreats.

Over time the focus of her work has shifted to developing a relationship with the inner source of effortless body & soul care. She has a profound knowing that peace & health are our natural state. ClearBeing Soul Coach offerings are a culmination of her knowledge of the body, mind, emotions & spirit, and a direct path towards accessing the source of healing within in order to make embodied realizations and lasting shifts.

She loves to connect with people who are sincerely interested in effortless self-care, nurturing the precious body-soul relationship, and translating spiritual awareness into all aspects of their lives. Her greatest interest is exploring the profound contribution of individual healing to relationship, family, community, planetary and global healing.

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