Kirill Berlin

Co-Founder, Teacher & Yoga Wellness Coach

Kirill began his yoga practice as a young adult after a childhood full of health problems and geographical shifts. Debilitating illnesses in infancy meant he was physically underdeveloped and always one of the weakest and shortest kids in his class. He also went through two immigrations and lived in three different countries by the age of 15, which meant changing schools often, trying to adapt to new places and people, and losing friendships as fast as they started.

All of this left Kirill with a mixed bag of emotional scars, including low self-confidence and self-worth by the time he reached adulthood. At the same time, Kirill developed a deep desire to find his worth in the world, often leaving him drained and looking for a deeper meaning.

Like so many before him, Kirill turned to yoga for a cure for back pain after spending too much time in front of a computer. From the first class, Kirill understood that he just opened a door into a realm beyond any imagination, a realm that empowered him to face his deepest fears and start living from a special place within. Little by little, Kirill improved his confidence, self-image, health, mental state and attained the physical form and energy levels he could only dream of as a child. He married the girl of his dreams and built a successful career in IT.

Yoga has changed Kirill's life, infusing it with meaning and purpose. Kirill strongly feels that it is his life's calling to share the transformative power of yoga. He wants to empower others to feel better, look better, and perform better no matter where they are in their life and where they come from. His teaching is focused on moving the students forward on the path of self-growth, self-transformation and self-actualization.

Kirill loves learning about the world through adventure travel, he is an avid book worm and is into biohacking. He practices yoga and meditates daily. He exchanges energy with the universe through running, biking, and hiking. Kirill lives in Toronto, ON, and is married to his soulmate with two amazing sons.

And now, he can't wait to share his many gifts with you, the Indigo Tribe community.

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